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Nonprofit Installs Solar On Leaders’ Homes

Imagine if every presidential mansion in the world were powered by the sun’s energy. That’s the vision of “Solar Head of State,” a nonprofit organization that believes solar power on the homes of world leaders will inspire others to try clean energy.

Saint Lucia head of state home.Solar power for head of state in Saint Lucia. (Courtesy of James Ellsmoor)

Ellsmoor: “It’s a really great endorsement of the industry and the renewable energy sector more widely.”

That’s James Ellsmoor, director of project development. He says the initiative grew from a grassroots effort that successfully convinced President Obama to install solar panels on the White House to replace the ones that were removed decades earlier. After that success, the group turned their attention to the Caribbean.

Ellsmoor: “They have some of the highest energy costs in the world. So solar energy, and renewable energy more widely, really makes sense from an economic perspective.”

And since tropical islands are vulnerable to sea-level rise and extreme weather caused by climate change, reducing global warming pollution is a high priority for many of them, including Saint Lucia.


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