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New TEDx UCCI Event Looks To The Future

The UCCI Performing Arts students have prepared a thought-provoking presentation about acceptance

The UCCI Performing Arts students have prepared a thought-provoking presentation about acceptance

With a sharp focus on the environment and why it is so important to conserve it, the second TEDxUCCI conference of the year takes place on Saturday 19 March from 10am to 3pm at the UCCI campus. Entitled ‘Future Vision’, the event will host a number of speakers, both local and from overseas, to speak passionately about subjects that are dear to their hearts and which speak to the theme of looking ahead.

Dr JD Mosley-Matchett, TEDxUCCI Event Curator, encouraged everyone to apply to attend.

“We require that prospective attendees apply as this is part of the global TEDx rules,” Dr Mosley-Matchett explained. ”This ensures that those who attend become fully involved and supportive of the event. It gives the talks a whole different vibe when people really want to be there.”

She advised that speakers would be presenting on a wide range of topics that are important not only to the Cayman Islands but also to the rest of the world, and will be so in the coming years as well.

“Alternative energy is one such important issue and we have James Whittaker, who is Chairman of the Cayman Renewable Energy Association and the President of the Caribbean Sustainability Institute, speaking on that subject, with his presentation ‘Energy – The single most important challenge of the 21st century for Caribbean nations’. Then we have software developer Micah Reddingflying in from the States who will be looking at the issue of conservation from a different point of view. Micah will argue that conservation is not just for the first world but for the third world as well,” she advised.

Stacie Sybersma, Cayman Islands Tourism Association Project Manager and UCCI Alumna, will be discussing the ocean’s potential and why the sea that’s all around us is so important, while Dr William P. Schonberg, a Professor in the Civil Engineering Department at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, is also a speaker.

“Bill will advise on the importance of technical literacy and why we all need to be technically literate to be good citizens,” Dr Mosley-Matchett said. “Then we have Pascal Pernix, photographer and Creative Manager for a real estate developer on island, who will talk about ‘Being a Professional in the Creative Field’. He will encourage attendees, whether they are young or old, to successfully tap into their creativity.”

Talks on the issue of Future Vision will also be delivered by nutritionist Tamer Soliman, who will discuss healthy living, and from writer Tricia Sybersma, whose subject is ‘Navigating Orbits’, i.e. how to navigate this complicated world. Event goers will also hear abouteconomic and social sustainability from Nick Robson, the founder of the Climate War Room and the Cayman Institute, a think tank doing policy research in areas such as global warming and climate change, energy security and economic sustainability for small island states.

In addition, Dr MoniKa Lawrence & the UCCI Theatre Arts students will present a collage of the performing arts, dealing with issues that particularly affect the younger generation here in the Cayman Islands, Dr Mosley-Matchett advised.

“It’s going to be a really exciting event and I encourage everyone to come and be a part. This event allows the Cayman Islands to have its voice among the rest of the world,” she concluded.



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