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New Hydro Panel Water System Donated to UHWI

The University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) expects to benefit greatly from a new hydro panel water system donated to the Children’s Ward of the medical facility by US-based company Zero Mass Water through local partners Solar Buzz Limited.

At the official handover, Rob Bartrop, executive vice president of installers Zero Mass Water, said the company was committed to realizing the dream of universal access to clean pure water and maintaining water security and called the donation “a big step forward for energy technology in the Caribbean.”

He also expressed the hope that the University community would continue to embrace healthy habits, In accepting the system, UHWI Director of Nursing, Sister Marva Forbes said the system is a blessing to the institution in several ways.

“It not only provides clean purified water for our patients to take their medications and to drink, it also helps with the Government’s new thrust of eliminating plastic bottles.” She added that the system would result in significantly reduced water bills for the hospital.

The rooftop system features a solar panel array (20 in total) which absorbs water vapour from the ambient air; the vapour is then liquefied through an airtight system, and the resultant water is passed through taps after being mineralized and further purified.

“The system makes water in all kinds of atmospheric conditions and the process is monitored real-time through a linked app,” said officials at UHWI.

It is expected to make the institution independent of delivered bottled water and also eliminates the need for water coolers to be installed.


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