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New deal to bring geothermal energy to Dominica

Final approval has been passed for an Icelandic company to begin geothermal exploration drills in three test sites in the Roseau Valley, Dominica. This confirmation marks the official beginning of the EC$17 million (US$6.9 million) contact with the Roosevelt Skerrit administration.

Geothermal energy comes from heat that rises from the core of the earth to the surface, often creating the popular hot springs found across the region. This heat can also be used to generate electricity, creating a new energy source for the volcanic island.

The probe into this new energy is hoped to give a clear picture of the “size and quality” of the energy resource that Dominican Minister for Energy Rayburn Blackmoore says is needed “if we are to achieve the objectives that we are looking [for].”

Following exploration, the government has set goals to construct a small plant to provide for local demand in Dominica, and the assembly of a 120 mega watt power plant to supply energy to neighboring Guadeloupe and Martinique.

“I always maintain that our geothermal resource must be shared with our friends and brothers and sisters there,” said Prime Minister Skerrit during the project’s launch ceremony.

“We have to find a way. I believe that would be the biggest single project which would demonstrate how, with the use of resources, we can foster an integration process among ourselves.”

Dr. Skerrit says that the government project, also funded by the European Union and the French Development Agency, is expected to yield benefits within two years.

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