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New bus stations for the City


Barbadian commuters will soon benefit from two new bus terminals in the City area.


This is according to Minister of Transport and Works, Michael Lashley, who was delivering the feature address at the Barbados Workers’ Union Fun Day at its Labour College grounds yesterday . 


Minister Lashley outlined that his department is currently at an advanced stage in pushing ahead with the work that would lead to the construction of a new bus terminal at Cheapside.


“The completion of this terminal will result in much improved surroundings for commuters and operators of the public and private transport system in that area, and also employees,” he said.


Furthermore, he disclosed that the concept design for the Fairchild Street Bus Terminal has been approved by Cabinet, leaving the path open for contractors to express 


“So there will be a new bus terminal in a matter of months,” he added.


Also approved by Cabinet is the proposal for the introduction of Breathalyser testing, which is on its way to Parliament, Lashley noted.


He expressed hopes that two public/private sector projects – billed at $50 million – will begin shortly, “which would result in a significant contribution to road construction and rehabilitation in Barbados”.


According to the minister, work is continuing on switching road lights to LED and placing solar studs for road marking, as well as the construction of roundabouts at Turnpike, St. George and Prince Road, St. Michael.


Lashley said these projects would help generate economic activity in the island.


Alluding to halted roadworks at St. Martin’s, which has created headaches for residents, businesspersons and commuters, the MP for St. Philip North reiterated that this would soon recommence and be completed as more money will be funnelled into the project.


“No stone would be left unturned in seeing these works through to a successful completion in the shortest possible time,” he assured. (JMB)



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