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Nevisians benefit from job openings at wind farm

An official of Wind Watt (Nevis Ltd), a family owned and operated energy developer based in Canada, said Nevisian workers would not be left out in the construction and subsequent maintenance of the Maddens Wind Farm.

Staff Electrical Specialist of WindWatt Power Canada Inc., Peter Hexamer, told the Department of Information in a recent interview that the company had already began to employ persons some of whom he hoped would remain when the construction work was completed.

According to the electrical expert, the project called for specialised personnel that the moment was not available on Nevis. A specialised drilling team of six persons from the United States were already on site but assured that “the actual assistance and the labour force that we are going to use here as much as possible will be Nevisians.”

Meantime, while he gave an overview of what the wind farm would look like. Hexamer said the facility would utilise active pasturelands in the area which would be conserved once the wind turbines were assembled

With regard to generation Hexamer explained that the power generated by the turbine would be fed directly into a nearby Nevis Electricity Company Ltd. grid at the same frequency of 11,000 volts which is 110/220 volts transformed for domestic use of 110/220 volts therefore it will mesh without any interruptions.

In response to a question pertinent to durability of the equipment, The Staff Electrical Specialist said the turbines had the durability to withstand the elements.

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