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Nevis authorities seeking to sell the idea of geothermal to residents

Premier Joseph Parry has signalled his administration’s intention to develop the geothermal energy sector here telling citizens that it will play a key role in the island’s future socio-economic development. “Geothermal energy will be cleaner, cheaper and better for the people of Nevis, with a savings of 40 per cent on electricity bills,” Premier Parry told listeners on his regular weekly radio show “In Touch with the Premier”.

“There will also be a potential of over 100 jobs to lay down roads, pipelines, power plants and transmission lines which will have to be built to transport power from the geothermal source,” he added.

The administration here is seeking a US$57 million loan from the EX-Im Bank in the United States for the project and the junior Minister for Natural resources, Carislie Powell, described the geothermal project as “a necessary investment in an energy independent future for Nevis”.’

The Nevis Island administration (NIA) has also embarked on a public awareness campaign “ in an attempt to inform residents on Nevis of the many benefits that geothermal will bring for electricity consumers.

It said in an effort to promote the renewable energy source, several activities have been planned for the week and that on Sunday “special messages on geothermal will take place at a number of churches on the island”.


Source: CARICOM News Network

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