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Necker Island to showcase renewable energy technologies


  Necker Island just north of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands, is set to become a demonstration project for renewable energy, with its owner Sir Richard Branson signing up with USA’s NRG Energy to develop a renewables based micro-grid for the entire island,


The 74-acre island was acquired by Sir Branson for a song – just $180,000, in the 1970’s Uninhabited at the time, a resort was built on Necker Island soon after the purchase that is now managed by Virgin Limited Edition.


Under the agreement signed, the NRG Energy will develop a renewables-driven micro-grid for the entire island, supplying high quality, reliable electricity sourced at least 75% by an integrated array of solar, wind and energy storage technologies.


“With oil setting the marginal price of electricity, retail electricity prices in the Caribbean are among the highest in the world, hindering economic development, job creation and quality of life,” said David Crane, CEO of NRG.


“By tapping into each island’s specific, readily available and ample renewable energy resources, we can achieve an immediate and significant reduction of operating expenses, imported fuel cost, carbon footprint and other air emissions and noise pollution.”


By deploying highly distributed and locally automated and controlled installations, many island nations of the Caribbean can reduce and ultimately eliminate their dependence on fossil fuels for electricity.


The high cost of imported fossil fuels across these islands creates an opportunity to deliver clean energy solutions today at a much lower cost, without subsidies and with immense economic and environmental benefit to the people of the Caribbean.


Crane says the “Demo Island” project will provide a scalable solution relevant to other island nations of the Caribbean that can reduce and ultimately eliminate their dependence on fossil fuels for electricity.


The agreement was signed and announced at the Creating Climate Wealth Summit. The project going ahead is subject to regulatory approval in the British Virgin Islands.


“While small compared to island nations, Necker is an ideal ‘guinea pig’ for the Carbon War Room’s Ten Island Challenge and will be able to show the potential of ‘state-of-the-art’ technologies in renewable energy,” said Sir Branson, Founder of Virgin Group.


The Ten Island Challenge works with pioneering island economies to reduce dependency on fossil fuels through promoting commercial opportunities, attracting expert engineering firms and investment.


NRG, the largest competitive power generator in the US, has established partnerships with leading industry suppliers and regional partners to accelerate project development and execution in the Caribbean.


The US company’s solar and off-grid projects elsewhere in the Caribbean Basin have shown that businesses can cut energy costs by transitioning to renewable energy.


At an island-wide and regional level, such savings represent the opportunity to increase competitiveness across all industry sectors. While at the household level the savings mean more resources in the hands of individuals.



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