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Montserrat Premier Briefs EU-OCT Meeting on Potential of Geothermal Energy


Premier of Montserrat, Donaldson Romeo (second left), at the conference of the European Commission and EU Overseas Countries and Territories in Tortola, British Virgin Islands



TORTOLA, BVI — Premier of Montserrat, Donaldson Romeo, made a presentation on Friday morning on geothermal energy at the conference of the European Commission and EU Overseas Countries and Territories being held in Tortola, British Virgin Islands.


Romeo was at the time taking part in a round table event captioned “Regional Cooperation: Unlocking the Potential of OCTs”.  It was part of the 13th Overseas Countries and Territories – European Union Forum, which ended on Friday.


The other members of the round table were: Anguilla, Bonaire, New Caledonia, St Maarten, and Saba.  The session was chaired by premier of the BVI, Dr Orlando Smith.


Montserrat’s presentation focused on the exploitation of geothermal energy. Romeo noted that the region can no longer depend on fossil fuel for energy.


“The extremely high cost of importing fossil fuel is stifling development in our territories. Every sector within our economy is impacted by the fluctuation of prices in this market,” he said.


“Geothermal and other forms of sustainable energy can greatly reduce the need to import fossil fuel to generate the energy required to sustain the lifestyle we now enjoy. This energy can be used for domestic cooking, for transportation, or for any other purpose that we currently use fuel in other forms in our daily lives. Wherever electricity can be easily substituted, we must see it as an opportunity,” he continued.


Romeo pointed out that, for many of the territories, importation of fossil fuel is a significant component of their trade deficits.  “We need to reduce the large amount of money currently being spent on the importation of diesel fuel to the island, retaining valuable foreign exchange,” he said.


According to Romeo, renewable energy development should be seen by all as a key resource in the future development of the territories, but it needs to be fully exploited in order to have a really vibrant and sustainable future.


“It is in this regard why we have chosen sustainable energy for both our territorial and regional envelope,” he concluded.




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