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Montserrat is advancing its renewable energy plans

The government of Montserrat is exploring its renewable energy options, with a particular interest in the island’s geothermal potential:

[Acting Premier and Minister of Communications Charles] Kirnon said Montserrat is actively exploring renewable sources of energy and that one of the government’s medium term goals is “to reduce the island’s dependence on imported fossil fuel for its energy needs. Government is therefore advancing its plans at geothermal development.”

Kimbugwe said that the DfID supports the government’s desire to find more secure platforms of renewable like geothermal and wind. “DfID is currently working with the government to determine the best approach to geothermal development that would be a catalyst for wider economic development leading to self-sufficiency. There are various strands of work underway that will culminate in a decision before the end of the year.”

In the interim [the UK Department for International Development] urged the government to urgently promote comprehensive energy efficiency measures and facilitate the importance of energy saving light bulbs and other energy saving devices to demonstrate credible steps in energy conservation and prevent further increased reliance on non-renewable energy sources.

An economic impact study on the potential for geothermal energy is to be done before year’s end.


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