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Montserrat Geothermal Investigations Move To Second Phase

Investigations of Montserrat’s geothermal energy potential moved to their second phase last week with the signing on Wednesday of a contract between the government of Montserrat and EGS, Inc., an American firm specializing in geological exploration with an emphasis on the evaluation of renewable energy resources.

The contract is for the execution of phase 2 of geothermal exploration on the island, under a project funded by the British Department for International Development (DFID).

In January 2008, DFID approved a budget of up to approximately £800,000 to fund a phased geothermal evaluation process consisting of:

1. Phase 1: Scoping survey to define the scope of the further investigations required;
2. Phase 2: Geophysical, geological and geochemical investigations culminating in
recommendations for locations, size and depths for investigatory drilling;
3. Phase 3: Small diameter test drilling to attempt to prove the geothermal resource

The phase 2 exploration activities are scheduled to take place in areas around Cork Hill, Richmond Hill, Foxes Bay and Sturge Park.

Source: Green Island Inc.

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