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Ministry of Finance and Energy Poster Competition


The Energy Division, Ministry of Finance & Energy in collaboration with EXLED Caribbean invite all to participate in an “Energy Poster Competition” focused on the theme: A Secure and Sustainable Energy Future Begins Now-Reflect, Reset, React!




  1. 1. Posters phrases, slogans and other messages should be focused on sustainable energy and in context with the theme.
  2. 2. Poster designs should show relevance to Grenada.
  3. 3. Participation in the Competition is free.
  4. 4. Posters should be an original and not entered in any previous competition. 
  5. 5. Posters must incorporate creative and original artwork and ideas. Depictions of cartoon, video game, and movie/television on characters; celebrities, movie themes, and past poster designs does not constitute creativity and originality.
  6. 6. Computer clipart, pictures from magazines, the internet, other print media or any mention of copy righted brand or product images will not be accepted.
  7. 7. Each poster if done digitally shall be submitted in (.jpeg) format with 3 hard copies of the following sizes: 4 x6 in., 8 ½ x 10 in., 11x 17in.  
  8. 8. Hand paintings and drawings shall be submitted with one (1) copy at size 11x 17in.   
  9.  9. A maximum of two entries per participant is allowed.
  10. 10 Participants will be made to sign a disclaimer upon submission of entries.


Deadline for all entries is Friday 1st November, 2013 at 4:00 pm. Submissions are to be made to the Energy Division, Ministry of Finance & Energy, Carenage, St. George.


Winner 1st Place–$500 cash prize and LED LIGHTS compliments EXLED Caribbean (to outfit no more than five rooms).



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