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Martinique Plans to Develop Ocean Thermal Energy


 Martinique intends to develop a project of ocean thermal energy to generate electricity, the government reported today.


According to a statement from the office of the president of the regional council of the French overseas department, Serge Letchimy, ocean thermal technology works through the thermal conversion of open cycle.


It uses the hot water from the surface to produce electricity; when the warm sea water is placed in a container of low pressure, which is reduced to driving a steam turbine.


The plan involves the construction of a floating thermal power plant on the coast of the island, which would have a net capacity of 10.7 megawatts, according to the statement.


Earlier this month, the European Commission approved the allocation of public funds for the project, jointly developed by the Government of Martinique and energy company Akuo.


According to Letchimy, this initiative represents “a promising technology, not only for Martinique, but also for the environment throughout the Caribbean and in tropical countries.” 


The project, which seeks to diversify the energy sources of the island of fossil fuels also would be a ‘provider of activities and jobs’, said Letchimy and added that is in turn that strategy is a source of pride and a “factor of inspiration for other nations in the future.’ 


This idea has been previously considered in the region; in 2012. Barbados is actively exploring the possibility of using ocean thermal energy conversion, although it has not yet proved to develop this plan.


Currently the only ocean thermal power plant at international level is in Japan.



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