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I refer to the renowned Energy and Capital newsletters. It is a forum which concentrates on practical investment analysis in the new energy economy. A recent review posted was that credible models show that practically all fossil fuels – oil, natural gas and coal-will be depleted by the end of the century. Thus, by that time, any remaining fossil fuels will be ultra expensive and reserved for the highest yield projects: pharmaceuticals and plastics. It’s time we start planning for renewable energy, refocusing our industrial strategies, creating agriculture-based industries. Renewable energy should be redirected to bio fuels from agriculture and waste, thereof, wind, sea and nuclear power. Peak teminal decline is corning soon. Crude oil exporters are predicted to stop exporting in the next 20 years for average zero net exports. Drilling has to continue to find the ever-decreasing reservoirs to replace some of what was used up. Considering that it takes decades to get new technology from an idea to reality, it’s time some countries start on this path. This is especially important now as revenue is available from the parent energy exports.  As the years creep on, exports from major countries may decline in preference to their own home consumption. Decline in exports due to industries suffering for energy. An entire remodelling of Home-based industries will be required. In the next 90 years, we will have the grandchildren and great – grandchildren of today’s children in a world depleted of energy if we do not act now. T&T is of interest to me in how it handles its energy. It has long been surmised that we are not using our energy revenues wisely. The new aluminium smelter and planned steel complexes will deplete our energy drastically with overall environmental and health problems. T&T will achieve revenues leading to positive payback from these two industries, but what is the plan thereafter? Does the Government have a credible long-term plan? Do we know about this? I am all in favour of rail transport moving people away from vehicles and gasoline consumption, reducing tailpipe gases and the brown-orange haze they talk about. Agriculture should produce our own food. Energy revenues now should be used to build an excellent public healthcare system. With a depletion of energy revenues, we will become like any other country that does not possess fossil fuels. Examine Ireland without fossil fuels, but excellent in agriculture, anin1al husbandry and a multitude of spin -off industries from these. It’s time the technocrats look into the future and start activities now with discussions among politicians, civil servants, leading scientists, agro-economists, the business community and our local fanners to plan the future.

Desmond Smith England

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