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Launch of World Energy Outlook 2016 đź—“

Date:    November 16, 2016

Location:  London


The annual World Energy Outlook (WEO) is the world’s most authoritative source of energy market analysis and projections, providing critical analytical insights into trends in energy demand and supply and what they mean for energy security, environmental protection and economic development.


The successful outcome of COP21 has raised hopes and expectations of concerted global efforts to tackle climate change. How will this affect the momentum behind the deployment of key renewable technologies and the drive for greater energy efficiency? Ample supply is keeping downward pressure on fossil fuel prices, coal, oil and natural gas. When and how will market dynamics change – or might lower prices for some fuels be here to stay? The impact of local pollution, often energy-related, on air quality is a matter of rising social and political concern in many countries. How can governments act to tackle this problem – and what would these actions mean for the energy sector?

Further details may be found on the detailed WEO-2016 page. WEO-2015, launched in November 2015, remains available for sale at theIEA Bookshop.

The WEO projections are used by the public and private sector as a framework on which they can base their policy-making, planning and investment decisions and to identify what needs to be done to arrive at a supportable and sustainable energy future.

The WEO has received numerous awards from governments and energy industry for its analytical excellence.


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