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Kimroy Bailey Foundation ‘Locally-Made’ Wind Turbine


The Kimroy Bailey Foundation 100% Renewable Community Center was recently featured on TVJ’s All Angles special edition aired on Christmas Day 2014. The  foundation showcased our homemade wind turbine using low cost materials. The Foundation has generated a new momentum with the vision of incorporating renewable energy to propel the local farming industry in and around Trelawny. The 100% Renewable Community Center which is located in the Litchfield district is ideally position among the highest concentration of ‘yellow yam’ farms in the English speaking Caribbean 1.




The volunteers with the Kimroy Bailey Foundation assisted in mounting a home made wind turbine for the television feature. The wind turbine is made from all local materials a combination of PVC pipes, wood, bearing and an old alternator used as the generator.


Turbine Blades  



The turbine blades were cut from a 3? PVC Pipe, the length of the pipe was about 4 feet and a single pipe was adequate for making all 3 blades if cut carefully. After cutting the first turbine blade to the desired shape to ensure that the airfoil is achieved using either a gig-saw or a cutting machine the blade edges were then smoothed using a sand paper. This first blade then becomes the model for the other two. It is then placed on the same 3 inch pipe and used as a stencil for marking the surface of the pipe for the other blade cuts.





For maximum energy generation the wind turbine has to constantly face the wind, if the wind direction changes, the turbine should turn or ‘yaw’ likewise to maintain maximum energy capture. To achieve this the wind turbine needs to have what’s called a ‘tail’. This is easily achieved using by cutting a fin shape our of a flat piece of ply wood.




Shanice Clarke a young female volunteer looks on at the turbine and generator.


What can be considered the most important part of the turbine is the generator, this is technically where the energy is converted from wind to electricity.  To achieve this an alternator was donated by Leighton Bailey, Service Engineer at the Vestas Ltd. Which we used as our turbine generator by getting tie-wraps to strap the alternator now generator to a flat metalic surface for stability





Wind turbine needs ONE super important factor to work, without this our project would be pointless and that’s WIND. The higher the turbine is elevated above trees, homes, mountains the more wind it is exposed to. In order to achieve this a long metalic pole about 20 feet tall do the job but since the Kimroy Bailey Foundaion primarily uses our homemade wind turbine to demonstrate how wind energy works we require a much smaller tower. We used 4? PVC pipes to make to construct our turbine tower, which is only about 5 feet tall. Using a combination of 90 degree couplings and straight pieces of pipes we created a pipe network with an H shape for our base.


This summarizes the major components of our wind turbine. Stay tuned for more updates see how The Kimroy Bailey Foundation is preparing to utilize Renewable Energy in the farming sector and empower local youths across rural Jamaica to revive manufacturing through our 100% renewable community center. You can donate to the Kimroy Bailey Foundation online or call our office at 876-503-0815 to join the cause and support our mission of 100% Renewable Jamaica.



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