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Kimroy Bailey – Creating Energy For The Future

The Kimroy Bailey Foundation 1000W Wind Turbine in operation at the Renewable Robotics Community Centre in Trelawny, the first centre in the Caribbean to be powered exclusively by renewable energy.

While most persons spend their days in an office sitting around a desk, Kimroy Bailey is suspended 160 feet in the air.

Bailey at work on the windfarm when he got an email that he was invited to meet President Barack Obama during the President’s recent visit to the island

“It is a remarkable feeling as the wind kisses your face and safety equipment hugs your body, and the world below looks like toys on a playground”, Bailey said, expressing his love for his job to Flair.

Bailey is not a construction worker; he is a wind turbine engineer at Wigton Windfarm in St Elizabeth. When Bailey is not up on the turbines, he’s working as a roboticist at Kimroy Bailey Robotics Company, or with the Kimroy Bailey Foundation.

His Dreams

Growing up in Mendez Town, Trelawny, Bailey told Flair that he was used to frequent power outages, so he set out to find alternatives. “I never understood what caused electricity outages, but I knew I wanted to find possible solutions,” he told Flair.

Bailey’s journey in finding solutions began the first time he was introduced to the alternative of renewable energy at Knox College (high school), “I was introduced to the concept of Renewable Energy by my technical drawing teacher, who implored the class to integrate sustainable solutions into the designs of our homes for our school-based assessment project, and through extensive research I realised that wind energy is a very practical alternative,” he shared.

The view from Bailey’s office at the Wigton Windfarm. “Where wind energy meets solar”, Bailey describes it.

From that day on, Bailey began working assiduously on his dream of creating energy for the future. However, after high school he had to sit out a year before starting University due to financial difficulties. But he never lost sight of this dream and soon after began pursuing his bachelors of arts degree in electrical engineering at the University of Technology, minoring in instrumentation and control.

In 2012, during his final year at university, Bailey got the opportunity to merge his engineering skills and his passion for robots and renewable energy, creating the world’s first Robotic Wind Turbine – capable of maintaining production during a tropical storm. He was placed second in the Global Humanitarian Research Competition, organised by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. “I won US $750 from the competition, which I used to start the Kimroy Bailey Foundation,” he recalled excitedly.

Bailey with his robotic arm that he hopes to roll out in 2016

Kimroy Bailey’s Foundation, which caters to persons between the ages of 13 and 30, provides Internet access for rural youths with a renewable energy training session for youth empowerment and poverty reduction using renewable energy and robotics. “Students learn how to connect a solar system starting from the panel to the charge controller, then batteries, then inverter, and to the product, which consumes the power generated,” he explained.

He told Flair, “I started the foundation to give the gift of empowerment and training to youths who share my rural farming background, to chase their dreams and make products that can grow our economy exponentially.” He also teaches teens how to make wind turbines. “Teens are taught how to make a wind turbine using household items – PVC pipes to make the blades, an old ceiling fan for the generator and steel pipe for the tower. We share details of these projects on,” Bailey disclosed. He notes that the mission is to inspire product creation, increase agriculture production and growth with the utilization of alternative energy in rural Jamaica.

His Robotic Dream

Although Bailey’s ultimate dream was to work in renewable energy, he also had an interest in working in a field that was all about making people’s jobs easier.

When he was only 10 years old, he was picking coffee with his father, Keith, on the family farm. “My dad stopped for a second to check up on my progress when I responded, “Daddy, when I grow up, I’ll make robots that will pick coffee for us and we’ll not have to be working in the hot sun,”.” That incident gave birth to Kimroy Bailey Robotics Company.

Bailey on his father’s farm in Trelawny. “Renewable is more than wind and solar. Renewable is reliable,” Bailey expressed.

“There are no companies in the English-speaking Caribbean that currently manufacture robots on a large scale, so I decided to start one,” he explained. The one-year-old company currently has four employees. Bailey told Flair that the company currently has two lines of robotic devices, “The BaileyBotics robotic kit for beginners, which introduces persons to the field of Robotics. The BaileyBionics, our human-inspired line of robotic products, such as our robotic hand for amputees, and our humanoid which will be launched at the beginning of the 2016,” Bailey disclosed.

All You Need Is A Dream

The young entrepreneur come from a close-knit family of six with one sister and three brothers. He also has a rottweiler he calls Thunder and a Pitbull-Rottweiler mix who he calls Bolt. When he is not working on his numerous projects, he enjoys spending time with his friends and family or going to the beach with his fiancÈe Sherika Trott.

At just 25 years old, Bailey believes the sky is the limit for everyone and that everyone has a purpose. “Next time you feel like giving up, place your hand over your heart. Feel that? That’s called purpose. Now fight for what you believe in and believe in what you fight for. You are here for a reason and today is your season,” Bailey told Flair emphatically.

A strong believer of God, Bailey believes his life is governed by God. “With God all things are possible if you only believe. Remember, faith without work is dead, so get up and go get your dreams, with links or without links, you can build an empire, all you need is a dream.”



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