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Kemba and Kara Hughes participated in the first ever Sagicor Science Challenge



Anguilla’s participants in the recently held Sagicor Science Challenge, returned from Barbados on Sunday, glistening with enthusiasm for the next Science Challenge. Ms. Kara and Kemba Hughes entered the project entitled, “Alternative Energy Revolutionized” . This project addressed the increasing cost of energy in Anguilla by using photovoltaic and fuel cells to provide clean and renewable energy.


Though the project did not place amongst the top three, it stirred up a lot of interest from members of the general public who were able to relate to the soaring cost of energy. Just as important the Science challenge enhanced student learning and it also fostered many friendships across the region.


Kemba and Kara also earned some much needed science lab equipment for the Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive School and a trip to the space station in Florida, USA. The Hughes sisters along with teacher, Ms. Shauna Richardson would like to thank Sagicor, the Education Department, and the Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive School for making it possible for their participation in the regional Challenge. They would also like to issue a special thank you to NCDS for sponsoring the annual A.L.H.C.S science fair which served as the nurturing ground for the Anguilla Science project.


Source: Anguilla Lifestyle

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