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JWN Invests US$1.2M In Treatment System For Appleton Estate

Appleton Estate in St Elizabeth

Appleton Estate in St Elizabeth

Operator of Appleton Estate, J Wray & Nephew (JWN), says it has invested upwards of US$1.2 million in the implementation of a closed-loop sugar cane wash water treatment system following claims that the company was discharging effluent in the Black River.

This means that upon the expected resumption of operations at the sugar factory in January, the company will take a limited amount of water from the Black River, then treat and reuse the water in its factory operations instead of having it discharged in the river.

“This solution is best in class globally and a first for Jamaica. We are on track to complete this project in September 2016 and initiate testing in October,” JWN stated in response to Jamaica Observer queries.

The company said it is hoping to have the system operational before the 2017 crop season commences. It added that the investment, in addition to an estimated 10 per cent operating cost, reflects further cost to current environmental assets – most of which were repurposed for the new system.

 In January, Algix Jamaica Ltd filed an injunction against JWN on the grounds that effluent from the sugar factory was killing the fish at its fish farm. The injunction resulted in the suspension of the sugar operations.

Algix later filed a claim for damages in which it originally sought US$23 million, for what it claimed was damage sustained to its operations, but later inflated that claim to US$49 million.

The matter goes to trial on Monday, but JWN says it “is confident in its defence and will await the decision of the Courts”.

JWN explained that its investment in the closed-loop sugar cane wash water treatment system represents a continuation of the aggressive capital investment programme which began shortly after Gruppo Campari’s acquisition.

Under this programme, the company said it has spent upwards of US$14 million on the creation of a state-of-the-art infrastructure at all it operating sites – namely Spanish Town Road in Kingston, Appleton Estate in St Elizabeth and the New Yarmouth Estate in Clarendon.

“Recently, we commissioned a new waste water treatment facility at our Spanish Town Road operations with great success. This complements our existing environmental programmes which consist of a solid waste facility that recycles the waste from production,” the spirits manufacturer told the Business Observer.

The company said it has also made heavy investments in reducing its carbon footprint by implementing a renewable energy project. One such initiative is the use of solar panels along the length of production facility to power utilities for its building on Spanish Town Road.



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