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JPS upbeat about customer acceptance of SolarMill


The Jamaica Public Service (JPS) is upbeat about the prospects of its recently launched SolarMill renewable energy power generating system.


According to the light and power distributor, days after the launch of the SolarMill on Tuesday, approximately 500 people have expressed interest in the hybrid power generator during a sales event at the JPS Ruthven Road Sports Club in Kingston with several deposits already placed.


Solar Mill


The SolarMill, which harnesses the power of both solar and wind energy from a single unit, was touted as a game changer during the week’s launch.


State Minister in the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining, Julian Robinson, endorsed SolarMill as “a real solution in reducing the long term cost of energy for every-day users as well as a viable investment for easier access to electricity for rural area residents”.


The JPS’s eSTORE is the exclusive distributor of the SolarMill to the Caribbean.


A special introductory price of J$599,000 for the PowerStar+, one of the three base models of the SolarMill which generates 230kwh per month on average, ended on Saturday November 2, the JPS said.


“From my interactions with guests of our sales event, it seems that people are curious to learn more about the cost-saving measures that JPS is using for its own operation at the eSTORE,” said Garth McKenzie, JPS sales and marketing director.


“With a small footprint; the ability to generate energy from not one, but two sources; and by comparison, an unbeatable cost, we really tried to deliver value to our customers with this product.”



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