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JPS Unveils new hydroelectric plan to Maggotty residents

The Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS), has unveiled its plans to undertake the first major hydroelectric development in Jamaica in 30 years – the new Maggotty Hydroelectric Power Plant. The plan was outlined at a recent public meeting held at the Maggotty High School, for residents of Maggotty and the surrounding areas.
JPS General Manager of Business Support and Administration, Clava Mantock Snr., presented a technical overview of the project, which will see the Black River being used to produce roughly 6.3MW of electric power to be sent to the national grid.
He pointed out, among other things, that the new Maggotty Hydro plant would create local jobs (approximately 150 – 200), during the two-year construction period, and once operational, would save the country from importing 48,000 barrels of fuel per year, for the generation of electricity. At an estimated price of $100 per barrel, this would save Jamaica US$4.8M annually.
Mantock and Val discuss at head table.jpg

JPS Vice President of Generation

Expansion, Valentine Fagan (right), shares some thoughts with General
Manager, Business Support and Administration, Clava Mantock Snr.

Mr. Mantock also noted that the eight hydroelectric power stations currently operating in the island, presently spare the country the expense of US$27M on importation of fuel.
Residents at the public meeting were also guided through the Environmental Impact Assessment report, which was prepared by independent environmental consultants, Environmental and Engineering Managers Ltd., and presented by Mrs. Ianthe Smith.
audience 1.jpg
A section of the audience listens to the presentations at the

JPS Public Meeting, held to discuss the new Maggotty Hydroelectric Power

The group was advised that the environmental footprint of the project would be the same as the existing Maggotty Hydro plant, and that power stations of this nature are environmentally friendly. Residents did however raise a number of concerns. These included whether there would be desilting of the river, as well as issues of traffic management for the transportation of heavy equipment. JPS officials in responding to these concerns, informed residents that desilting the existing dam is in fact a part of this new project, and that traffic would be managed in a way that is least invasive to the lifestyle of residents. Heavy equipment and materials for the project will be transported between the off-peak hours of 2:00 to 4:00 am in the morning.
President and CEO of JPS, Damian Obiglio, who was also on hand to address residents, pointed out that necessary road works in the community would mean that the light and power company would be leaving some roadways in a better condition than before the start of the project.
Members of the Maggotty community and its environs have up to 30 days to submit any concerns or comments, associated with this development, to the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA), as part of the environmental permitting process stipulated by that agency.
Q - line waiting to ask - green shirt at head (1).JPG
linee waiting to ask-green shirt at head
Residents of Maggotty form a line to ask questions
The new Maggotty Hydroelectric power plant is scheduled for completion by July 2013.

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