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JPS and Residents meet over proposed hydropower plant in Jamaica

Residents of Maggotty and surrounding areas in St Elizabeth will have an opportunity tomorrow to meet with the Jamaica Public Service Co (JPS) about plans for the new hydro plant in the community.

JPS already has a hydro plant at Maggotty, which produces roughly 6 megawatts (MW) of electricity generated from the power of the Black River. The proposed new plant will add another 6.3 MW to the national grid.

The dam at the existing Maggotty hydro plant in St Elizabeth. (Photo: JPS)

The public meeting, which will be held at the Maggotty High School, commencing at 5:30 pm, will discuss a range of issues including: the social and economic impact on communities, the environment and associated mitigation measures. The likely impact of the project on Jamaica’s fuel diversification efforts and employment opportunities for locals will also be addressed.

JPS has invited bidders to carry out construction on what would be the first major hydro plant in Jamaica for 30 years. The plant is part of wider efforts by the utility to diversify its fuel sources, with the addition of more renewable energy options. Last October, JPS officially commissioned into service its new 3 MW Munro Wind Farm.

The Maggotty project is scheduled for completion by July 2013.

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