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Japan to Help Caribbean States with Energy, Disaster Prevention


Japan will provide support on issues such as energy to the members of the Caribbean Community, in a move to strengthen ties with the region and win votes for next year’s United Nations Security Council elections.


     Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will start a tour of Latin America on July 25, and will attend the first Japan-Caricom summit meeting in Trinidad and Tobago. At the event, he will announce the government’s plan to provide technical assistance in three fields — disaster prevention, energy and fisheries.


     The Caribbean group’s 14 member states account for 7% of the U.N. General Assembly, and face issues unique to island nations such as providing stable energy, managing waste and creating effective anti-hurricane measures.


     The foreign ministers of Japan and Caricom countries will meet in November to finalize the details.


     The U.S. and China are vying for influence in the region as well. Last year, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden visited Trinidad and Tobago, followed shortly by Chinese Premier Xi Jinping. With nine states that recognize China and five that recognize Taiwan, the Caribbean is a particularly strategic area for China.



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