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Jamaica’s Energy Policy Before Cabinet

The draft of the energy policy is still before Cabinet, prolonging the wait for the document which will guide Jamaica’s energy consumption and generation over the next two decades.

Still, Minister of State in the Ministry of Energy and Mining Laurence Broderick told sector stakeholders on Wednesday evening that government will lead an “energy revolution” in which Jamaica will move away from its dependency on petroleum in the future.

“It is projected that by 2030 renewables should command up to 20 per cent of energy needs. To fill the gap the policy that government has adopted is that we should go the LNG (liquid petroleum gas) route with mix of fuel oil and renewables,” Broderick said.

Renewables or renewable energy sources are sources of energy that are replenished naturally, such as the sun, wind, tides or geothermal heat.

The junior minister was guest speaker at the Petroleum Industry Safety Awards banquet at the Terra Nova Hotel in St Andrew.

Stating that volatile oil prices had crippled Jamaica’s mining industry and that the country spent $2.4 billion on imported oil, Broderick urged all Jamaicans to get serious about energy.

“Gone are the days when we can sit back and depend on fuel oil,” he said urging the industry and Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica to “work seriously at their petcoke projects and renewables”.

Petroleum coke or petcoke is a fuel produced using the by-products of the petroleum refining process. It is a hard substance that is similar to coal, and that is growing in popularity as a fuel for generating electricity.

Broderick said only a sound energy policy would drive the country’s development. He said this policy would involve a “secure and sustainable power supply embracing solar, hydro, wind and biofuels”.

He, however, congratulated the PCJ, Jamaica Boilers and the Jamaica Public Service Company for their achievements in the area of renewables and lauded the PCJ for what he called the successful roll out E10 fuel programme.

The minister said the country was on the hunt for quality investments as he said “Jamaica has a well-defined and established governance structure and the institutional and legal framework that will facilitate investor involvement and engagement.”

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