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Jamaica Showcases World’s Largest Wind-Solar Hybrid Installation


A technician works on SolarMills on top of the Myers, Fletcher, and Gordon law firm in Kingston, Jamaica.


Earlier this week, we looked at why the Caribbean could be the next leader in renewable energy. With the reveal of the WindStream Technologies in Kingston, Jamaica, it looks as those that may be truer than ever.


The hybrid farm was commissioned on the roof of law firm Meyers, Fletcher, and Gordon and is expected to generate 106,000kWh of energy and produce a return on investment in less than 4 years.


“We have been at the forefront of the Jamaican legal landscape for 70 years and we are pleased to be continuing that trend by leading in Jamaican sustainability and renewable energy,” Meyers, Fletcher, and Gordon’s CEO Donovan Cunningham said. “This was a bold undertaking and we expect to reap rich rewards through our partnership with WindStream.”


It’s expected to save the firm more than $2 million in energy costs during its 25 year lifetime.


The installation consists of 50 SolarMills, which generate 25 kW of wind power and 55 kW of solar. Its coastal position also allows for high winds, sometimes up to 60 mph. The mills are equipped to withstand extreme conditions and energy surges.


The SolarMills use vertical access wind turbines, solar panels, and smart electronics to work on or off the grid. They’re also extremely compact, allowing for a greater deployment in a smaller area.


WindStream, a U.S.-based company, is excited to be working with Jamaica Public Service on the Project.


“We are proud to be working with JPS, which is distributing our products within Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean,” WindStream COO Travis Campbell said. “This SolarMill installation is an excellent model for other businesses to follow. If you are interested in energy efficiency and saving money, SolarMills are a simple, cost-effective solution.”



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