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Jamaica National ‘Green” Help Loan

JN Green Loan

JN Green Loan

The Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) this week announced the launch of a new loan programme under which householders will be able to access special loans to make their homes greener.

The programme was launched at the Jamaica Green Expo held from June 5th – 7th in Kingston.

According to Janice Henlin, JNBS manager for marketing and sales, the plan will cover the purchase and installation of energy efficient fixtures, windows and roofing and will also cover the installation of photovoltaic systems to produce solar electricity.

The Green Expo, hosted by the Jamaica Conservation and Development Trust, also featured the ‘Make Cars Green’ programme launched by the Jamaica Automobile Association (JAA), a subsidiary of the JNBS.  The programme is designed to promote ways of reducing the negative impact of cars on the environment.   For example, the exhibit featured the Garmin Global Positioning System distributed by the JAA, which allows drivers to select fuel-efficient routes and get fuel and mileage reports.

In addition, the first 20 applicants to be approved for the JNBS green loans with a minimum of J$300,000 will get a free JN Advance Gas Card for the purchase of J$3,000 worth of E-10 gasoline.

Jamaica introduced E-10 gasoline, a blend of 10% ethanol and gasoline, in November 2008.

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