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[Jamaica] || Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS)

1. Home Enhancement Loan Plan (HELP)

There has been growing interest among persons who want to access ‘green options’ under the Home Enhancement Loan Plan (HELP), a special plan that Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) currently offers.
The option allows persons to access loans to make their homes more energy efficient, and covers the purchase and installation of energy-efficient fixtures, such as roofing, windows and photovoltaic cells.
The terms of this HELP loan are very similar to those of existing loan products on offer at JNBS, with very competitive interest rates.

In addition to the ‘Green Option,’ the Alternative Power Source Company also offers a five per cent discount to Jamaica National members, under the JN Rewards Programme. The company provides solutions for renewable sources of energy ranging from installing residential and industrial lighting equipment to providing wind, solar and hydro energy systems.
Want to learn more about JNBS’ HELP? Visit your nearest JNBS branch, or telephone 1-888GET-JNBS.

2. Garmin: More than a Navigator… a fuel efficient business solution

In addition to the Green Option, JNBS is also featuring the Garmin Global Positioning System distributed by its subsidiary company Jamaica Automobile Association (JAA) which allows drivers to select fuel efficient routes and get fuel and mileage reports.

The Garmin portable navigation device.
Whether you own a fleet of trucks, taxi cabs or delivery vans, the Garmin GPS navigator, available at the Jamaica Automobile Association (JAA), a subsidiary of Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS), can improve the efficiency of your business.

Supported by the JAMNAV database created by JAA’s partner, the Mona GeoInformatics Institute at The University of the West Indies, mapping the best routes to get to your destination with a Garmin portable navigation device can save fuel, cost and time and put you ahead of the game. JAMNAV is an on-screen, real-time digital map that carries all major Jamaican highways, arterial and residential roads among other features.

“It’s a great product,” says Orville Hedge who bought one for use in his trucking service. Mr. Hedge uses his truck to provide service for his own grocery business; but, also does delivery for other businesses, including a pharmaceutical company. His work often takes him into rural Jamaica. “It helps me to get to where I need to go on time and I’m never lost or late,” he explains.

Garmin uses the global positioning system (GPS), which is a satellite navigational device. It utilizes microwaves from satellites orbiting in space to co-ordinate locations. The signals are fed to a base that determines the location of the unit using the Garmin device, its speed and time.   

JAMNAV is able to store up to 69 categories of major destinations. It supports the Garmin GPS technology through its digital mapping system, which makes it possible to give turn by turn directions to the driver.

The device is able to “call out road names” to direct drivers from their current location to where they wish to go. The driver can set the system to automatically select the shortest route or choose alternate routes from the default setting.

Garmin’s navigational capability also makes it a useful tool to manage large fleets.

In fact, JAMNAV provides a solution specifically for businesses wishing to use the Garmin device for commercial purposes.

3.  JAA is the ‘Make Cars Green’ programme
Also being featured by the JAA is the ‘Make Cars Green’ programme, which outlines ways of reducing the negative impact of cars on the environment.  JAA is a subsidiary of Jamaica National.

Minister of Energy, Hon. Clive Mullings (centre) and Minister of Transport and Works (right) review campaign documents for the Make Cars Green Campaign to be undertaken in Jamaica by the Jamaica Automobile Association (JAA). Explaining campaign details to the ministers, is JAA General Manager, Alan Beckford.
The Jamaica Automobile Association (JAA) has joined a global initiative to help educate drivers about more eco-friendly and fuel-efficient driving techniques.

This will effectively expand the Association’s focus to include a prerogative for environmentally sound motoring. Speaking at the launch of the Make Cars Green campaign in Jamaica, Alan Beckford, JAA General Manager, stated that “it is expected that this campaign will help to raise the level of environmental awareness in Jamaica, especially as it relates to the impact of motoring on the environment.”

“Road safety is an important aspect of responsible driving, and eco-friendly vehicle operation is another way in which drivers can ensure that others are not harmed by their use of automobiles.

Drivers too have a role to play in eliminating air pollution,” Mr. Beckford said. Jamaica’s support of the Make Cars Green initiative was announced during a media briefing at the JAA Offices at 7 Central Avenue today, December 10.
A ‘10 point guide for greener driving’ pamphlet, the chief publication of the campaign, was also issued to press and guests at the event.

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