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Jamaica Alternative Energy Expo




Monday, April 15, 2013 went down in history as the start of the renewable energy revolution, the first day of the Jamaica Alternative Energy Expo. This two day event, which is the first of its kind anywhere on the island, was held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, under the theme, “We have the power today, to change tomorrow”.  There were over 50 exhibitors at this event including the title sponsor US Solar Institute.


On exhibition was a variety of energy saving options and technology including various energy conservation devices, devices to monitor energy consumption and renewable alternatives for commercial as well as residential customers.


Energy Expo Presentation: 100% Renewable Jamaica

Over the course of the two days there were various speakers and presenters, both local and international, sharing their experiences, research and other valuable information to the many patrons who visited the event. These presentations highlighted the vast benefits of renewable energy in Jamaica, securing these systems, funding these projects, payback and other everyday questions asked by individuals about moving from conventional energy source to renewable energy.


The expo’s exhibitors were diverse and ran the gamut from training in renewable energy technology to sales, energy auditing, financing, installation and maintenance of said systems. There were also numerous lighting solutions for home and office as well as every budget.


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The Jamaica Renewable Energy Expo featured over 50 exhibitors and numerous attendees.


Among some of the most ingenuous products observed was a liquid pool cover to retain the warmth of your pool’s water and an alternative to coal for grilling meats called bio briquettes. The objectives of the expo were:

  • Facilitate the sharing of information to educate and sensitize the public about energy efficiency and conservation in residential, commercial and institutional settings.
  • Showcasing the latest and emerging energy efficient products and technologies designed to assist customers, businesses and institutions to reduce energy usage, thereby reducing energy costs, enhancing their competitiveness and maximizing ROI;
  • Assemble the most visionary facilitators in energy to demonstrate the direct benefits of new and emerging energy technologies; and allowing participants to explore the economic benefits of alternative energy industries on local communities and the need to develop new energy industries.
  • Create an enabling environment that would facilitate potential business development opportunities;
  • Provide a range of facilities and financing options to encourage attendees to invest in new energy products and technologies
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Judging from theconstant buzz in the atmosphere at the event, the constant flow of patrons into the venue and the small groups that would form throughout the venue, it is safe to assume that these objectives were fully met. Exhibitors could be seen interacting not only with curious patrons eager to hear more about new technologies and how these could positively impact their lives, but fellow exhibitors as well, facilitating the sharing of information and the creation of new opportunities.


During my interactions with the exhibitors, many spoke with authority about the quality of their products and the priority they place on customer service and affordability.


Mr. Roger Chang holding a discussion after his presentation on Solar Energy in Jamaica.



The presentations from the invited speakers were as varied as the exhibits themselves. Representatives from Jamaica Public Service Company Limited, Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica, Appliance Traders Limited, USSolar, Jamaica Solar Energy Association and other organizations including yours truly all presented on topics ranging from things to think about when purchasing a solar system for your home or office to how Jamaica can play a leadership role in the Caribbean as it relates to renewable energy. The presentations were well supported, especially those on the main stage with it being standing room only for most part which increase interaction between presenters and their audience.


The Jamaica Alternative Energy expo has restarted the discussion of the possibility of 100% Renewable Jamaica. Jamaica’s 2030 vision state a 30% projection for renewable energy by 2030, I personally think that is very low target and if our nation is serious about economic growth and manufacturing we have to be thinking 100% Renewable by 2030 by putting the wind to work, here is how we could start funding an Offshore wind farm. Thanks for all stakeholders who made the Jamaica Alternative Energy expo 2013 a successful one.




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