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Introducing SolarGray Ltd in Trinidad & Tobago

Solargray Ltd

SolarGray Ltd., a small Trinidadian company specialising in solar energy installations, was recently the subject of a feature in the Trinidad and Tobago Newsday business magazine:

THE GREEN theory is rapidly gaining traction in Trinidad and Tobago. Apart from the constant calls to plant more trees and the hope that greater emphasis be placed on recycling, the area that seems to be getting the most attention these days is the use of energy from the sun.

Observers (builders and home owners) are now trying to understand this sudden emphasis on solar energy in the country. Solar energy is nothing new to the region. It simply is that much use was never made of this powerful energy source. Several smaller Caribbean islands have been using this form of energy for decades – Barbados, Antigua and Barbuda, St Kitts/Nevis and St Lucia, to name a few.

Unlike Trinidad and Tobago however, those island states did not have oil and therein lies the reason. There was no pressure for this country to go solar, but now that Scott-Ryder among others, is forecasting a continuous decline in our oil production, suddenly there is a call to look for alternative sources of sustainable and renewable energy.

Answering that call is a small Sangre Grande-based company called SolarGray Limited, which is forging ahead with getting more and more businesses, as well as homeowners interested in the use of solar energy.

CEO [Chris-AndyGray] gave Business Day three reasons why solar energy is beneficial to the country-:

• “In Trinidad and Tobago, our insolation values (intensity of the sun on any given day over a specific period), is a lot higher than most other places on the planet;

• Our ambient air temperature is well suited for solar in that it’s continually warm, not much fluctuation; and

• Solar panels are better because we are just 10 degrees above the Equator, so there is no need for a frame.”

Find out more in the full Newsday article, at the SolarGray website, Facebook page, and in the commercial below.

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