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Installation of 2nd MW-scale Sun2live Solar Power Plant In Antigua Has Commenced

PV Energy continues to implement 10 MWp sun2live solar energy project for greener future.

The Caribbean twin-island state Antigua and Barbuda is moving closer to achieving its target in regard to operating the greenest electricity sector in the whole of the region. After the commissioning of the 3 MWp sun2live solar power plant at the V.C. Bird International Airport, the realisation of the next step has just commenced: Another large-scale photovoltaic installation to be constructed in the Bethesda area in the south of Antigua.

The UK-based clean energy provider, PV Energy Limited, as a joint venture of The meeco Group, will provide the Caribbean twin-island state with a 4 MWp PV sun2live power plant and therefore will be supporting the Government of Antigua and Barbuda (GOAB) on its way towards a green energy future.

The fencing of the huge territory and the construction of the internal roads mark the beginning of the big solar power installation. With a daily energy production of 16.800 kWh, the sun2live power plant will save 3.247,84 tons of CO2 emissions per year and therefore will be contributing to the goal of environmental sustainability of Antigua.


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