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In the Bahamas, Solar Power Installations Can Pay Off – for Everyone

Solar is not simply for corporations. Anyone can get involved – from the individual on up. See how the Bahamas is approaching solar energy.

In a recent op-ed published in Tribune 242, the contributor, Ian Ferguson, offers a long list of easy to implement energy saving ideas designed for companies. He points out, correctly, that many of these green fixes are not only environmentally responsible, but they can also actually boost corporate profits.

We agree with his list and encourage every business – in the Bahamas and elsewhere – to adopt these measures… immediately.

One area that we don’t agree on, however, is his assertion that going green “is a conversation that… should begin at the corporate level and trickle down to individual households.”

Mr. Ferguson’s vantage point certainly makes sense.  He’s heavily involved with the Bahamas’ Chamber of Commerce and naturally sees solutions through the lens of business.  But our own experience suggests that going green must begin at every level, including ordinary citizens.

How Solar Energy Installations in the Bahamas Makes Sense at Every Level

The majority of Mr. Ferguson’s recommendations deals with recycling, conservation, or efficiency.  Each is important – especially for an island nation like the Bahamas with finite resources.  By cutting the amount of energy used, it’s possible to dramatically reduce reliance on foreign sources.

However, we believe that developing new sources is the key to long-term sustainability.  And in this regard, solar emerges as the natural choice, given the Bahamas’ abundance of sunshine all year round.

Admittedly, when solar prices were much higher in 2009 (about double what they are now), it was only those with deep pockets who could afford to make the transition.  Installing a complete solar energy system was far beyond the reach of average homeowners.

But this has changed substantially over the past few years.

Realistically, anyone in the Bahamas facing higher electricity bills is a solar energy candidate.  This will be increasingly true as solar prices continue to fall.  Whether you’re an individual, family, business, or government agency, you’re quickly approaching (if not already surpassing) that price point at which utility prices are higher than the cost of installing solar power and generating free electricity.

You don’t need deep pockets any more – you don’t need to be a corporate entity.

Like conservation, energy efficiency, and recycling – solar energy truly is for everyone.

Learning to Install Solar in the Bahamas

Not only may you already be a prime candidate for solar, but you might also be a prime candidate for installing the technology, either for your own property or as a professional, licensed contractor who installs solar on other people’s properties.

If you’ve done a little homework, you’ve probably already realized that there aren’t a whole lot of qualified professionals who can handle solar energy installations in the Bahamas.  The industry simply isn’t old enough to have produced a large enough workforce.

This is bad news for the Bahaman solar industry.  Without that workforce, solar growth will be limited.  However, this is great news for anyone who secures solar training and certification.  Given the relative lack of solar installation firms, your skills as a PV expert will be in high demand.

What all is necessary to get started?

At US Solar Institute, we’ve trained a number of students from the Bahamas (and Jamaica).  Most come for our award-winning PV201: Introduction to PV Design and Installation – offered at our main campus in Fort Lauderdale, FL just a short plane ride away.

In less than a week, you can master the fundamentals of solar power installations and carry this knowledge back to the Bahamas to begin helping anyone from companies to homeowners outfit their properties with PV technology.

If you’re curious about that next step, contact us today to learn more.

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