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Improved Cookstoves Company Tackling Market Barriers in Haiti


 An ICS producer is about to change the face of Haitian cooking by breaking down barriers that are preventing the adoption of improved cookstoves in the local market.


Prakti stove in use Prakti Design is a clean cookstove producer that supports local vendors to sell improved cookstoves in Haiti. They are one of the eight winning projects that received grants to the value of US$200,000 in the 2012 IDEAS Energy Innovation contest, which promoted renewable energy and energy efficiency. The contest was targeted at turning energy projects in the Caribbean into financially sustainable businesses.


Prakti Design is scaling up distribution of their innovative product in urban, semi-urban, rural areas in Haiti. Success so far is due to a strong vision and clear focus: providing high quality stoves for those at ‘the bottom of the pyramid’. Their strategy is centred on changing people’s behaviour and approach to cookstoves, by ensuring that vendors and sellers of the stoves are fully trained and able to impart knowledge on the benefits of the stove. This is an essential process as many people are reluctant to make the change from traditional stoves and struggle to see past the initial cost to the long term financial and health benefits. Therefore increasing awareness and improving understanding is a pivotal element to making inroads into the cookstove market.


‘The Prakti stove has been created and designed to improve the cooking process; it is more durable, easier to transport, cuts toxic emissions, can accommodate a variety of pot sizes and the exterior casing remains cooler when in use. All such aspects aim to make the cooking process within Haitian households safer and cut carbon monoxide emissions by 50%. Wood is the principal fuel used for cooking on traditional stoves in Haiti which consumes twice the amount of fuel necessary. Using wood has many health issues most predominantly smoke intake and indoor health pollution to women and children’ Says Cecile Bourdales, General Manager of Prakti Haiti


Individual vendors and staff members working for distributors are supported during weekly meetings that provide guidance and monitor progress. This has enabled Prakti staff to interact with customers and explain that although a traditional stove is cheaper than a Prakti Wouj stove, the benefits from using the latter are far greater. The Prakti Wouj stove saves each family approximately USD$250 per annum in fuel costs and has an anticipated stove life of five years thus resulting in a total saving of USD$1,250 per stove.


One distributor Palmis Enerji explained that Prakti Wouj stoves have the highest preference rating amongst their customers (80%) but that price remained a principal factor stopping clients from investing in them. In response to this, Prakti have introduced several different methods of payment. These include a deposit scheme in which customers can make small deposits at specific frequencies, receiving a receipt from Prakti when each deposit is made. Another option is a coupon system which is based on a partnership with large employers who agree to withdraw certain amounts from their employees pay each month contributing to the total cost after a number of instalments. Furthermore, Prakti are in the final stages of creating a smaller, cheaper stove,‘Nano’ which will retail at around 40% less of the current price for a Prakti Wouj stove. It is believed that the lower price will attract more customers and reduce the amount of clients needing to use finance initiatives to buy the stove.


‘Most households in Haiti use between two or three stoves but by investing in an efficient Prakti stove households will only need to use one. This would benefit them financially by using less fuel and enabling them to stop using traditional stoves. By raising awareness of the long lasting and high quality Prakti stoves we hope more families will soon benefit from these innovative stoves’ says Leighton Waterman, GVEP Country Manager Caribbean.


GVEP’s Advisory Services are working with Prakti to develop both business and marketing strategies and ensure these are implemented in a way that creates results and success for Prakti within the Haitian cookstove market. 
Support and funding was provided by UKAid from the Department for International Development (DFID) with GVEP acting as its implementing partner.



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