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Implementation of a Biofuels Taskforce

Goal: To develop a local biofuels industry to reduce Jamaica’s dependence on imported energy and promote sustainable development.

The Government of Jamaica recently became involved in a trilateral programme with Brazil and the United States of America to develop a local biofuels industry. In this regard, 2008 a Biofuels Conference was held, at which Jamaica was represented by the Ministry of Energy.

Since the Conference, several follow-up discussions have been held with representatives of the Governments of the United States of America and of Brazil based in their local Diplomatic Missions. As a first step, a pragmatic framework to guide the development of local biofuels industry needs to be prepared. A number of multi-lateral partners have expressed strong interest in supporting the effort and it will be necessary to coordinate the related activities.

The membership of the Taskforce will include:

•    Ministry of Energy
•    Ministry of Agriculture
•    Petrojam
•    Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica
•    Scientific Research Council
•    Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade
•    Planning Institute of Jamaica

•    Brazilian Embassy
•    United States Embassy
•    Organization of American States
•    World Bank
•    European Union
•    United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean
•    Food and Agricultural Organization

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