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Implementation Meeting – ECS Green Growth Investment Forum (GGIF)

Implementation meeting on follow-up to the the outcome of the ECS Green Growth Investment Forum (GGIF) – Way Forward for the OECS.

Venue: Bay Gardens Hotel, Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia


Meeting of Experts on the Implementation of the outcome of the ECS Green Growth Investment Forum (GGIF)


The Mission of the Eastern Caribbean States in Brussels organized a Green Growth Investment Forum on 6-7 October 2011 under the theme Green Growth for Economic Resilience: Promoting Green Investments in the Eastern Caribbean through Innovation and Clean Technology.


The main objective of the GGIF was to create awareness among potential investors and policy makers in Europe of the specific development realities and challenges facing the small islands of the OECS as well as the opportunities that can make targeted and adapted investments in the area of clean technologies appealing. The long-term objective was to build economic resilience through green enterprise development in these Islands. The Green Growth Investment Forum therefore focused on providing access to necessary information for investors as well as private sector representatives, and aimed at obtaining an exchange of views and experiences that would assist in promoting a sub-regional strategy on green economic growth with a central role for the private sector.


The expected results of the Forum were to a large extent achieved. It was expected that for enterprises there would be greater interest in promoting green and clean technologies and practices in the OECS, commitments to discuss further adaptable technologies and innovations for use in the specific context of islands, commitments for investment/partnership where possible, transfer of know-how or exchange of principles for enterprise development in this specific sector and greater understanding of the potential for deeper investments in the green sector.


It was also expected that the Forum would increase public sector awareness and assistance with the development of relevant policies to facilitate such investment, greater networking facilitated, thereby leading to critical entrepreneurial partnerships for sustainable development, greater role for the private sector emphasized in the elaboration and eventual implementation of a green strategy, and Investment Promotion Agencies would benefit from an enhanced role as conduit of information to the wider private sector under their purview.


In essence, there was increased networking and development of relations between the private sector in Europe and the Caribbean, concrete proposals for transfer of know-how on issues discussed were made, participants reflected on the changes to be made to legislation and legislative environment as appropriate, to enable implementation of green technologies and investment, even though no concrete deadlines were set.


One of the major deliverables of the Forum is the proposal for a Green Award for enterprises who produce based on sustainable and environment-friendly criteria. This proposal received very positive responses from the participants and preliminary brainstorming has begun to take place on the way forward. Related ideas include Green Award as an approach to “Gap Analysis”, Green Awards and Creative Industries and Youth-targeted Green Awards.


Another concrete proposal coming out of Forum is the need for the exploration surrounding the development of a technical and regulatory (legislative) framework to allow for more effective implementation of a green economy in the Eastern Caribbean. A study can be commissioned to determine the feasibility of this joint framework in the ECS, specifically as the OECS, through their functional cooperation already have in place many frameworks for joint cooperation in areas such as telecommunications, civil aviation and customs.


Finally, there was discussion on the way forward for joint energy policy formulation in the OECS, with regulated exchange of information and technology with neighbouring territories such as the French and Dutch Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) and Outermost Regions (ORs) in the Caribbean. Once again, a study could be undertaken to ascertain the need and feasibility of this proposal in the countries concerned.


It became clear that in order to achieve some of these results, the intervention of the public sector is important as its support is sine qua non for the development of policies that allow for long term development based on the sustainability criteria required by green growth. Moreover, public-private partnerships are indispensable if any project is to have the necessary buy-in and involvement of the general public in OECS countries.


The Meeting of Experts on the implementation of a green economy

Building on the Way Forward coming out from the GGIF, the ECS Mission in collaboration with the OECS Secretariat’s Environment and Sustainable Development Unit proposes to organize a Meeting of Experts to look closely at the proposals coming out of the Forum and to propose an action plan or matrix to take forward the proposals in the form of projects and if possible, provide timelines and hypotheses for their achievement.


This meeting will take place on 20-12 September 2012 in Saint Lucia, and will be hosted by the OECS Secretariat, Saint Lucia.



The participants will comprise investors in the area of green investments in the Caribbean and private sector representatives who use green technologies or are interested in developing these technologies within their companies. Other participants include experts from the OECS Secretariat, OECS joint institutions in the areas of energy, export development, the Investment Promotion Agencies and representatives from the public sector.


Specifically, the stakeholders will comprise the following:

  • OECS Secretariat – Trade Policy Unit, Macroeconomic Unit, ESDU, Export Development Unit, OECS Education Reform Unit, Social Policy Unit, Economic Union Unit, Legal Unit, Economic Affairs Division
  • Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • Manufacturers’ Association / Saint Lucia Small Industrial and Business Association (SLISBA)
  • Investment Promotion Authority of Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Montserrat, BVI and Anguilla
  • Hotel and Tourism Association
  • Bureau of Standards
  • Agriculturers’ Association
  • Soils and More (Dutch company)
  • Caribbean Export Development
  • Caribbean-German Chamber of Commerce
  • OECS Civil Aviation Authority
  • Eastern Caribbean Collective Organization for Music Rights (ECCO)
  • CEIS-Caribbean Energy Information System
  • Ministry of External Affairs and International Trade
  • UNEP
  • CARICOM Secretariat
  • OAS
  • Green Park Consultants
  • Caribbean Financial Holdings
  • First National Bank
  • Caribbean Development Bank
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Martinique
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Guadeloupe
  • Export Promotion  Agency, Guadeloupe



Appropriate regional agencies having mandates related to this initiative will also be invited.



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