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ICCG Seminar on Technology Innovation in the Energy Sector


ICCG Seminar on Technology Innovation in the Energy Sector

September 23rd 2014 – 11:30 am – ICCG, Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice – Italy
Organisers: ICCG
Information: Working language: English. Registration is required. For information and registration: or 041/2700442 (Silvia Nevi). The seminar will be also broadcasted via live streaming at this link.
Description: The energy sector is the main responsible of GhG emissions and is undergoing a deep change in its technology paradigm, both in industrialised and developing countries. The generating mix of the new power stations is more and more oriented to renewable sources as long as their costs are today competitive with fossil fuels in many applications. The talk will illustrate the potential of renewable energy sources in meeting the climate targets and developing an industrial sector more oriented towards the local economy.


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