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How Solar Works

solarenergyGuyana has launched a new energy project that will provide solar energy to some of its rural communities.

The Sustainable Business Models for Rural Electrification and Energy Access project will provide solar home systems to more than 6,000 families across the 25 hinterland communities.

The project was launched by Guyana’s Ministry of Public Infrastructure’s Hinterland Electrification Unit, and is a joint effort with not-for-profit company CARIBSAVE, and the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF).

Currently more than 80% of Guyana’s hinterland communities have no access to electricity, while the coastlands have a 100% electrification rate.

Minister of Public Infrastructure, Annette Ferguson – who believes inaccessibility to energy is a human rights issue, says the hinterlands are the reserve of Guyana’s wealth, thus creating an infrastructure that will improve its access to electricity, is a win-win for the country.

She further said renewable energy sources will lead to an overall positive impact on the environment because rural electrification improves social, environmental and economic parameters of rural livelihood.

A government statement said that the projects’ key objective is to ‘increase sustainable, affordable, and reliable access to renewable energy technologies to rural communities, while ultimately improving the quality of lives for those living in the hinterland regions’. Community members and energy sector agencies will be trained in technical, operational, social and environmental aspects of the project.

Meanwhile Guyana’s Ministry of Social Cohesion and Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, recently partnered with its Institute of Applied Science and Technology, to research and undertake other sustainable development projects for the same communities, which include agricultural development, and developing nutritional and pharmaceutical products using indigenous knowledge of the land.



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