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Highway Signs Lit up by Solar Energy – Barbados

Highway signs lit up by solar energy


PEOPLE travelling along the ABC Highway can now see the advertising signs at night, thanks to solar electricity.


The Adopt-a-Km Highway Project, which has erected signs on every kilometre stretch from Graeme Hall to the airport, has installed its first set of photovoltaic panels on the signs and by the end of October, all of the signs will be illuminated.


Andrew Clarke, who is involved in the project, told the DAILY NATION: “We’ve partnered with a local solar company, Solar Watt Solar Systems, who are providing and installing the solar systems on each sign.


“With regard to the lighting of the signs, we’ve spent the last month testing and tweaking the luminosity of a prototype which is located by Gildan (Newton junction). After we were satisfied with it, we started the rollout of the other signs.


“With regard to employment, we’ve hired teams to cut the verges, to pick up litter, to make the signs, to install the solar systems and to secure sponsors, etc. Once Phase 2 opens and we secure sponsorship for each kilometre, we will bring on more teams to get the job done.”


Clarke revealed that the installation of the solar panels cost around $40 000.


He said Adopt-a-Km was now maintaining and cutting the verges of the highway from the airport to Graeme Hall twice each month, and litter was being removed on a weekly basis.


“Although we have seen less litter since the programme started, we are appealing to all Barbadians to be proud of the ABC Highway and not throw your litter through the window as you are driving,” he said. “Keep it in your vehicle, then dispose of it in a garbage bin.”


Both Barbadians and visitors to the island have stopped and congratulated our maintenance teams for their efforts, Clarke said.  Phase 2 of the programme will encompasses the stretch of the highway from Graeme Hall to Warrens. (MB)










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