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Henry S. Fraser: Light, Power at the End of the Tunnel

The recent announcement of the Fair Trading cap on photovoltaic (PV) inputs into the Barbados Light and Power grid must give us all pause for reflection.

For those who may have missed it, it was announced on August 9th that the Fair Trading Commission had completed its review of the Barbados Light & Power Company Limited’s request to implement the Renewable Energy Rider (RER) on a permanent basis, with new terms. The RER was designed to provide for the sale of excess electricity to the grid by customers generating electricity for their own consumption using solar photovoltaic (PV) or wind energy systems up to a maximum of 150kW. The published determinations of the Commission, as can be seen on the web, are that:

1.     The RER credit of 1.6 times the fuel clause adjustment (FCA) is representative of the BL&P’s avoided fuel cost when consideration is given to, among other things, the type, quantity and cost of the fuel utilised to generate electricity, the generation mix, the cost at peak load and the renewable energy generating capacity limit;

2.     The individual customer capacity limit of 1.5 times the customer’s current usage is appropriate up to a maximum capacity of 150kW;

3.     The capacity limit for distributed intermittent renewable energy generation shall be increased to 7MW. When 5MW capacity is reached, 1MW of the remaining 2MW is to be reserved for domestic, employee and general service customers;

4.     The billing arrangement shall be based on the sale of excess electricity to the grid.


It seems to me that, with my admittedly limited knowledge of this issue, for most Bajans with any enterprise and appreciation of the logic of domestic PV systems, it is items 3 and 4 that stand out – the billing arrangements, and the decision that BL and P’s limit for the total external PV contribution will be only 7 mega watts.


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