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Be it resolved that it is economically viable for Grenada to invest in energy efficiency rather than renewable energy.  This was the focus of the final challenge as Westmorland Secondary School argued for the motion and the Anglican High School argued against it.  The theme for the 2011 debate was Energy, a national priority and the two teams highlighted a number of perspectives about the approaches needed.

The Anglican High School team spoke to alternative energy as an initiative that would reduce Grenada’s fuel import bill and dependency on volatile fuel imports that drive energy prices up.  Westmorland Secondary School advanced the viewpoint that energy efficiency measures should be a higher priority than alternative energy because they can be more easily achieved and at lower costs than alternative energy.

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of GRENLEC, Mr. Lawrence stressed that the solution is a meeting of the two perspectives, “While we continue to depend on fossil fuels, energy efficiency is the most effective answer to the energy question…We are heartened that a national consultative process is underway to develop legislation and a resource agreement.  These would allow GRENLEC to invest in investigating the feasibility of using geothermal energy (the heat of the earth) to generate electricity.”.

Construction of Grenada’s first wind farm is expected to begin in Top Hill, Carriacou in 2012.  The collaborative initiative between the European Union, the Government of Grenada and GRENLEC will provide for up to 38% of Carriacou’s energy needs.  Simultaneously, GRENLEC is aggressively pursuing plans for at least one wind farm on mainland Grenada.

In September, the Company launched the second phase of a programme that allows customers generating renewable energy to connect to GRENLEC’s grid.  The Company is leading this initiative in the region, with a total of 54 customers, representing 1% of its peak generation.


GRENLEC’s CEO presents second place awards to the Anglican High School

Lawrence noted, “These are important initiatives in diversifying our energy portfolio.  However, they do not give us the ability to really make a difference for all our customers.  Geothermal energy is the resource that will allow us to stabilise prices for heavily burdened customers”.

Reflecting on the challenge, Mr. Vernon Lawrence praised the debaters, coaches, consultants, judges, collaborators, educators and parents for their hard work.  He also thanked the national audience for following the broadcast, giving feedback and encouraging participants.

Articulating her Ministry’s ongoing mission to foster holistic education, Minister for Education, Senator Franka Bernadine commended GRENLEC for supporting this objective through programmes such as the GRENLEC Inter-Secondary School Debating Championship.  Senator Bernadine celebrated all the students and teachers for their enthusiasm and accomplishments.

The Championship came to an end with Westmorland Secondary School winning the top spot and Anglican High School in second place.  Beacon High School and St. Joseph’s Convent, Grenville finished in third place.  Top Debater went to Richard Johnson of Westmorland Secondary School and Chryslyn Connaught of Anglican High School walked away the Best Summary Debater.  Among the individual and school awards, were certificates, a challenge trophy, Macbook laptops, ipads, ipods and school project awards.

The GRENLEC Debate evolved from a competition run by the Media Workers Association of Grenada (MWAG) in 1996 and 1997, sponsored by GRENLEC.   The media continues to serve a valuable support role to the project.


Minister for Education, Senator Franka Bernadine and GRENLEC’s Managing Director, Vernon Lawrence Present Championship Award to Westmorland Secondary School
Team: Richard Johnson, Emily Rapier, Liane Amechi, Melissia Williams, Kareem Antoine, Justin Steele
Coaches: Freedel Logie and Adasha Belfon

GRENLEC’s Managing Director, Vernon Lawrence Presents Second Place Award to the Anglican High Secondary School
Team: Monique Prince, Zannia Bain, Chryslyn Connaught, Zavena Sinclair, Gersane Mapp, Britney Viechweg
Principal: Madeleine Baptiste
Coaches: Shanna James and Nerrisa Celestine-James


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