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Grenada to Consider Sea Wave Energy Plants

TEL-AVIV, Israel — Blackbird International Corporation (BBRD), a leader in renewable sea wave energy technology, is in the process of arranging a visit to Grenada in order to begin negotiations in the private and public sectors to implement its sea wave energy system. 



BBRD with its partner in the Caribbean, Seedsowers Corporation, has been in communication with top ranking government personnel in order to introduce BBRD’s sea wave energy technology power stations in the region and help the government battle the energy crisis.


Shmuel Ovadia, director and inventor of BBRD’s technology, stated, “Grenada is a perfect location to introduce sea wave energy as a viable and profitable solution for the rising energy needs by implementing our patented technology.”


Grenada’s power company, GRENLEC, is attempting to move forward with the government’s agenda to promote renewable energy production, including implementing a system for private citizens to utilize renewable energy sources in a profitable manner. Yet, while the focus has, so far, been on wind turbines, BBRD believes sea wave energy holds the best solution.


“Grenada has a total of 121 km of coast and a real interest in promoting renewable energies,” Ovadia stated, “with the focus being on freeing the region from a dependence on foreign fuel, as well as, insuring a renewable energy system is, at once profitable, and sustainable, our sea wave energy system seems the only suitable recourse.”


Nearly 60 percent of Grenada’s energy sources are based on diesel fuel and hence Grenada is heavily reliant on imported fuels and the like to keep up with the local energy demands. With the energy needs constantly on the rise, Grenada is seeking solutions locally and BBRD offers a solution utilizing an untapped renewable energy source – sea waves. 


BBRD plans to set up a local corporation in order to implement its unique sea wave energy system. As a first stage BBRD wishes to start with a 10 MW plant and in the second stage expand to 100 MW.




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