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Grenada Sustainable Energy Plan

Grenada Sustainable Energy Plan


August 1st, 2002

Grenada currently has no over-arching policy, plan or strategy regarding energy use. One of the recommendations emanating from the First National Communication on Climate Change is the development of such a plan. It was determined by the Government of Grenada that this is a priority issue and, accordingly, the Government, together with input from key stakeholders from all sectors of society, has developed this Sustainable Energy Plan. The Sustainable Energy Plan lays out a strategy by which the energy sector in Grenada may become more economically and environmentally sustainable. As result of the crosscutting nature of energy, the plan is decidedly integrated in its approach, impacting all sectors (agriculture, industry, tourism, residential, etc.) and aspects of life (health, education, economy, etc.). In keeping with the priorities of the nation, the key goals of this strategy are increased economic development, poverty reduction, and improved environmental protection.

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