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Grenada Hosts Regional Workshop on the Clean Developmennnt Mechanism (CDM)

The Government of Grenada in  collaboration with the St.  Georges University (SGU)

hosts a “Regional Workshop on Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)”, Monday July20th

to Tuesday July 21st, 2009, at the  Taylor Hall , St George’s University Campus, 

9:00am-5:00 pm daily.

The CDM is one of the financial mechanisms established under the Kyoto Protocol (1997) and has the

dual  objectives of facilitating developed countries(Annex 1)  meeting their

emission reduction targets whilst promoting sustainable development in developing 

countries (non-Annex 1). To date approximately 1,600 CDm projects have been

registered globally . Unfortunately , the majority of these projects are in China,

 India and Brazil. Only one CDM project is currently registered in the caribbean.

The objective ofthe workshop is to raise awarenwss of the CDM in the region by

bringing together the major stakeholders , including the project Developers (PDs),

the Designated Operational Entities DOEs, the Designated National Authorities

(DNAs), and representatives of the Executive Board (EB) and UNFCC  Secretariat in

an interactive setting. The workshop will immediately follow an Executive Board meeting

Therefore representatives of the Project Developers Forum will be on hand to answer

participants questions and gain first hand knowledge of the challenges and opportunities

presented by the region . 

NB:Sectors covered under the CDM include:

(1) Energy Industries (renewable /renewable

(2) Energy distribution

(3)Energy demand

(4) Manufacturing industries

(5) Chemical industries

(6) Construction

(7) Transport

(8) Mining/mineral production

(9) Metal production

(10) Fugitive emmissions from fuels (solid , oil , and gas)

(11) Fugitive emmissions from production and consumption of halocarbons and sulphur Hexafloride.

(12) Solvent use

(13) Waste handling and disposal

(14) Afforestation and Reforestation


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