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GreenRg Management Solu-tions promotes RE in Jamaica

DEVELOPERS OF lighting and solar technology made a presentationyesterday to business and ministry stakeholders, demonstrating how to reduce reliance on Jamaica’s energy grid by more than 50 per cent.

GreenRg Management Solu-tions, which has partnered with Jamaica-based Wiltech Energy, presented through the Ministry of Energy and Mining, as well as conducted a live demonstration at the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica in Kingston on Friday.

Approximately 50 represen-tatives from the finance ministry, as well as, the Ministry of Energy and Mining, along with Petro-leum Corporation of Jamaica, the Development Bank of Jamaica, the Office of Utilities Regulation, the National Housing Trust and other private stakeholders attended.

According to its website, GreenRg Management Solutions provides cost-effective solutions to energy-related operations that are carried out by municipalities, property owners, management companies, developers and retailers.

“We help people and companies bring down their energy bills substantially,” said Alfred Heyer, managing partner of GreenRg.

Heyer said the company cuts energy costs through installations of “highly efficient solar systems” that reduce energy demands on the electric power grid.

Light-emitting diode (LED) technology, also known as solid state lighting, reduces the wattage that is used.

“If we reduce lighting by 50-to-60 per cent, this means solar capacity can be 60 per cent more efficient and substantiate the investment of installing a solar system.

“LED and solar are tremendous together,” Heyer said, while noting that a 20-watt bulb could provide the same amount of light as a 100-watt bulb because of LED, and last several times longer than traditional bulbs.

Potential for employment

GreenRg’s Heyer also explored the probability of having the lighting sources manufactured in Jamaica, creating the potential for employment.

Solar and LED are two types of energy that the Ministry of Energy and Mining is looking into as part of its national energy policy.

The policy’s framework, which addresses energy conservation and fuel-source diversification, is designed so that research may be done on different sources of renewable energysuch as, but not limited to, solar, hydro and wind.

Dr Audley Darmand, senior advisor to the Ministry of Energy and Mining, describes these as “big-ticket items”.

“We are exploring all forms of energy sources at this time,” he said.

Source: Jamaica Gleaner

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