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Greening Barbados Still a Priority


Efforts are still under way by Government to ensure that Barbados becomes the greenest economy in Latin America and the Caribbean.


So says Minister of the Environment and Drainage, Dr. Denis Lowe. He made the disclosure while delivering the keynote address at a Builders’ Forum at Baobab Towers yesterday morning put on by Rayside Construction Limited, where that company launched ColorMix, a new range of coloured concrete.


Referring to the country’s greening efforts, Dr. Lowe explained that Government undertook a green economy scoping study, and with the help of the University of the West Indies and the United Nations Environmental Programme, Barbados is counted among a total of seven countries in the world that have been able to complete such a study. That study, he pointed out, informs the Government and the wider country on where the country is in respect of its greening efforts.


With that in mind, the Minister indicated that his Ministry is about to launch the second in a series of workshops/seminars to update Barbadians and neighbouring countries in the Eastern Caribbean where the country is on that issue.


“Barbadians and visitors alike are very attracted to buildings that are ‘green buildings’ and I don’t just mean green in terms of the colour of the paint of the buildings, or even the pavements or the driveways. Green in the sense that Barbadians and visitors are attracted to environments that are healthy, and where we manage downwards greenhouse gas emissions; where we continue to build out a renewable energy programme; and where we continue to do the basic greening of Barbados, on the highways, in the parks and those places. And certainly, we accept the invitation of anyone who wishes to partner with the Government in allowing us to achieve that particular benchmark and outcome,” the Environment Minister said.


With that in mind, Minister Lowe said that any product or institution that works to enhance or beautify the environment is something that his Ministry will fully support. As such, he lauded Rayside for introducing the new concrete product, which is expected to add value to any property and enhances the environment.


“I am advised that this cement-based surface is cost effective, thus making it more affordable and accessible to users, particularly you who are in the building business and as such, you must be reminded that business flexibility will play a large part in how the economy is returned to full health and how your business becomes more resilient. 


I further note that this product adds value to any property and is innovative enough to capture, complement and enhance the beauty of the environment,” he said.


The coloured concrete product has been developed through a strategic partnership with Asphalt Processors Inc., and according to officials of Rayside, it is guaranteed to enhance the exterior of any home or business at reasonable rates. (JRT)



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