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Green Options That Can Help You Harness That Bahamian Sun

The green movement has brought lots of more environmentally friendly options to the forefront when it comes to homes, and in the Bahamas, there is a great deal of talk about harnessing the sun’s energy to power homes.
Power in the Bahamas can pose challenges, and homeowners increasingly are considering the sun as a remedy.

“We’re learning more and more about the viability of solar energy to power homes,” says Rachel Pinder, principle broker of Island Living Real Estate, an agency that specializes in Bahamas rental houses and real estate listings. “Even for people who own Bahama rentals, solar energy might be worth considering.”
Electricity costs are affected by international crude oil prices and as they skyrocket, renewal energy experts continue to urge users to “go green” and put the sun or wind to work for them, according to, a blog that addresses environmental issues in the Bahamas.

There are a couple of solar systems available for use in homes that you might consider- solar photovoltaic and solar thermal water heaters, said Mark Lambrides, division chief for energy and climate change at the Organization of the American States in a Nassau Guardian interview. Solar thermal water heaters use the sun’s heat to warm your water for use in washing laundry, taking showers and other hot water needs.

Solar photovoltaic systems are hooked into the electricity grid. They collect the sun’s energy to make electricity when it is shining. If your home is on one of these systems, it typically taps into electricity from the grid during evening hours.

“If you own a Bahamas rental villa, having solar hot water systems or photovoltaic systems has the potential to save you money in the long run by resulting in lower energy bills,” Pinder said. “There may be slightly higher costs up front to install the systems, but it has been our experience that many Bahamas house rental owners keep their properties for the long haul to maximize their profits. So if it takes a few years for the system to pay for itself, many investors don’t mind.”

The longer you own your home or villa, Bahamas real estate broker Pinder says, the better the chances of recouping those costs that you incurred from installing your solar system.

Financial incentives for going solar also appear in other forms. For example, Minister of the Environment Earl Deveaux said the Bahamian government rolled out tax concession incentives to entice homeowners to use more energy saving devices.

“We have had clients looking to purchase homes in the Bahamas who specifically sought out properties with solar systems,” Pinder said. “People are becoming more environmentally savvy and want to find ways to do their part, so to speak.”



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