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Green Initiative To Provide Solar Panels For New Housing Scheme

Dr. Denzil Douglas


 The government of St Kitts and Nevis is said to be making a conscious effort to help get some about- to-be constructed homes roped into the country’s proposed green economy. Prime Minister Denzil Douglas made reference to this while explaining that his administration had developed an energy policy that includes the granting of concessions for the growth and expansion of green energy initiatives.


Dr Douglas said the corporate community had begun to make use of that policy, and the idea was to expand it further. “I believe that in going forward, those businesses that are best insulated from energy price shocks are going to be the most successful businesses here in our country,” the prime minister said. He added: “Likewise, those households, those consumers who are the least exposed to high energy prices are those households whose bills will be the most manageable”.


“That is why my Government very shortly, will be launching an initiative where affordable homes in the new Habitat Independence 30 Housing Programme … will be equipped with and powered by solar panels,” Prime Minister Douglas announced at last Thursday’s national consultation on the economy. The consultation was held as part of the process of preparing for the 2014 national budget under the theme “The Green Economy – A Pathway Towards  A Sustainable Future”.


Participants included stakeholders from the public sector, the private sector and Civil Society. One activist – Richard Caines of Operation Rescue, labeled the exercise a waste of time. Caines, a former finance minister, said that only those recommendations favoured by Prime Minister Douglas (the finance minister) would be considered. He also questioned the validity of such an exercise being conducted at a time when the governing Labour Party has a minority of the elected seats in the federal parliament in Basseterre.


The government has managed to keep a motion of no confidence filed by the parliamentary opposition out of the parliament for more than 10 months now. It was filed December 11last year by opposition leader in the federal parliament Mark Brantley, and is supported by six elected MPs including Brantley. The governing party at the moment has only five elected parliamentarians. Two of the six on the opposition benches include former senior government ministers Dr Timothy Harris and Sam Condor who defected from the Labour Party earlier this year over differences with the prime minister.



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