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Green Expo success – Organisers pleased at support of fair

Environmentally conscious Jamaicans searching for advances in solar energy or waste water management found them last weekend during the staging of Green Expo 2011.

The annual showcase of the best the island has to offer in terms of natural resources conservation and disaster mitigation was held June 10 to 12 at the Pegasus Hotel in Kingston and just across the street from the hotel, at the National Golf Academy.

The exhibition, themed ‘Balancing Development with Environment Protection’ was organised by the Jamaica Conservation Development Trust (JCDT).

Chairman Robert Stephens declared the event a success.

“Exhibitors, who were offering solar energy and waste water deals, reported that people came and made appointments. “Approximately 90 per cent of the exhibitors said that they were happy,” Stephens told the Observer on Saturday.

This year the Green Expo hosted over 70 exhibitors with an expressed commitment to preservation of the environment, who showcased a wide range of environmentally friendly products, energy-efficient systems and alternative energy set-ups.

They also demonstrated proper energy and water conservation practices, how to prepare for natural disasters, and tried to spark potential investors’ interest in agri-business ventures, eco-friendly art and craft creations and energy-saving devices.

Booths by advocates for the preservation of Jamaica’s natural habitats and species, such as the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica, the National Environment and Planning Agency and the Forest Conservation Fund seemed to catch the attention of many patrons.

“I’m having a good time. I learnt a lot today. Some things that I learnt were just reiterated to me, but the event was worth my time,” said Sonia Richards, who was attending the Green Expo to satisfy her curiosity about energy-conservation.

Aside from the expected high interest in the sale of plants, a special feature of the Expo this year was the promotion of environmentally friendly household products and locally made craft. Organisers’ decision to set up a grand farmers’ market on the grounds of the National Golf Academy was also well recieved.

“The prices here are reasonable. I just came to the expo and realised that there was a farmers’ market being held on location. At first, I only had $300. With that I got carrots, sweet potatoes and some other ground provision. When I realised the prices were so reasonable, I went to the automated teller machine, got more money and came back to buy other ground provision items,” said Joan Foster who visited the Expo on Saturday.

Source: Jamaica Observer

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