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Green Aruba Conference 2012 ” Smart & Sustainable”

“Smart & Sustainable” – Aruba goes green

Conference October 3rd, 4th, 5th 2012

The Caribbean Island of Aruba, which forms part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is located in one of the world’s region with the highest potential for cost-effective use of solar and wind energy resources for energy generation and use. This so-called earth sun-belt (between 20 – 40 degrees latitude on the northern and southern hemisphere) has one of the best climatological conditions with high average solar radiation levels (beyond 3500 hours sun a year), adequate wind regimes (up to 5000 hours of wind energy a year) and optimal maritime conditions. Aruba has initiated the transition away from imported fossil fuel dependency and is in the process of implementing a whole range of sustainable energy technologies.

The first green conference was held in 2010, where international experts (former vice president of the U.S.A. and Nobel Peace laureate Al Gore and Dr. Eduard Chung of NASA), in the Energy and Climate Change arena presented the state of the art technologies and shared their implementation success, the challenges and opportunities in the Western Hemisphere, the Caribbean Region and where a close look was placed on Aruba.

This year we will yet again host the Green Aruba Conference on October 3,4 and 5. It has been an eventful year in the green energy sector. The Rio +20 conference was the absolute highlight with Aruba in the spotlight. At Rio +20, influential US think tank and green sponsor The Carbon War Room (CWR), by means of its founder Richard Branson, announced its association with Aruba. CWR will assist Aruba to become a Smart Island. Wubbo Okkels, Dutch astronaut and philanthropist, will also be heading to Aruba with his solar sailing boat ‘Ecolution’ later on this year.

The theme of this year’s Conference is ‘Smart and Sustainable’. We will have a full section about smart policy making, an update of the development of new smart green technologies. We will especially zoom in on storage of electricity, electrical driving and on smart technologies to lower electricity consumption in households.

Balancing out economic resilience with ecological responsibility is fundamental to achieving not only sustained quality of life, but equally important, equality, social cohesion and social equity. Considering the dynamic environment of the 21st century and the need for economic transformation towards sustainable economic development, Aruba wants to become “The Green Gateway” in the region, and a “Smart and Sustainable Island” a centre of knowledge, research and development to facilitate transfer of know-how and technology; and set an example for the rest of the region to contribute in creating solutions for the world’s most challenging energy and climate issues.

The current sustainable energy developments are based on Dutch expertise, that over the years have gained considerable experience in building technologies based on an appreciation of the natural favourable circumstances on Aruba. TNO has a caribbean branche office on Aruba and the Dutch government as well as the Dutch private sector is at the forefront of advancing international climate change responses that have a significant impact.

The aim of the conference is furthermore to invite Dutch, American, Regional and International experts on wind, solar and maritime energy technologies to the Island of Aruba, in order to share knowledge of new and proven technologies in these fields. The conference also aims to build further on a platform where knowledge is shared among the different international parties.

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