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Greater investment in renewable technologies needed in Barbados

With the ability to meet this country’s rising energy needs being one of its biggest challenges, the government of Barbados has little choice but to seek greater investment in renewable technologies.

This word from Minister of Commerce and Trade, Senator Haynesley Benn. Minister Benn – who at the time was addressing representatives of the Organisation of Caribbean Utility Regulators (OOCUR), gathered in Barbados for their ninth annual conference – stated that there was empirical evidence suggesting that the answer to our troubles did not lie in any one resource or technology. Instead, it was found in varying combinations of fossil fuels and renewable resources, such as waste to energy, biomass cogeneration, wind farms and solar photo-voltaic power.

“Energy costs continue to increase and represent a severe drain on government’s financial resources. These costs are also significant in the production processes of most products and ultimately manifest themselves in higher consumers prices,” explained the Senator.

The Minister, who acknowledged that the main argument surround renewable technologies was their relatively high start-up costs, he suggested that there is no doubt that renewable sources of energy are still in their infancy and will hopeful become less expensive in the future. He lobbied for the support of firms and households which have sought to embrace these technologies, adding that we needed to devise incentive mechanisms to nurture and accelerate the investment in such technologies.

The Minister reaffirmed Government’s commitment to the development of renewable resources and to ensuring that the pace of implementation of renewables into the energy mix was fast tracked. “We have already approved the requisite Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy policies intended to ensure that Barbados’ electricity sector develops in a way that promotes the use of renewable energy,” he said.

Source: Barbados Advocate

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