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Gov’t mulling up to 6,000 more photovoltaic home systems


The government is considering the installation of a further 3,000 to 6,000 photovoltaic home systems over the next three to six months in rural and hinterland areas.


A Guyana Energy Agency advertisement in today’s Stabroek News said that there are presently 15,000 such installations, most of which are 65 watts DC with three low-energy lamps.


Noting that there is now a growing demand for an AC supply to charge and operate small laptop computers and other appliances, the government said that it hoped through the call for proposals to “learn of equipment which might now be in production at large volumes and which would be available at attractive, advantageous prices”.


The government is therefore inviting proposals with quotes for units within the following range of performance:


Minimum level: 65 watt solar photovoltaic system supplying 12V DC output; maintenance-free 12 volt 40 Ah deep cycle battery and at the upper level 100 watt solar photovoltaic system supplying 110 V full sine wave AC output 60 Hz; maintenance-free 12 Volt 60 Ah deep cycle battery. These must have an appropriately sized charge controller, battery level indicator, low voltage protection and other suitable protection features.


Wires for installation, sockets for lamps, low energy lamps, charging points and earth rods will be acquired via separate bids, the ad said.


Noting that it was not a bid document, the ad said that after the evaluation of the offers submitted, suppliers may be invited to bid. Suppliers must be capable of delivering at an export port up to 6,000 units within 60 days of signing a contract.



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